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D2TM should have internet play


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This might help:

Ok, though this is still a feature for in the far future, i do intent to get multiplayer working. And when i do, i want it to be good.

The request is simple:

- if you have a server , who can run a Windows (console) application 24/7 that should be able to recieve clients to login; function as a 'chat server' and gives the ability to let people connect to each other and create games (even handle a ladder if all goes well) you should reply here or drop me an e-mail.

Software needed to make D2TM 'multiplayer on internet':

- server software which keeps user/pass data + a chat environment + shows all open games waiting for players to join.

- server software in D2TM to be able to run a game

- client softwar in D2TM to be able to run a game

none of this is in yet, and probably the latter 2 will be added first for a simple 1 vs 1 game, later can be extended to multiple  players and the internet itself (instead of knowing your ip and joining through that).

A big help would be:

- if you have any network programming experience of any kind, any help is always welcome!

Thanks for reading!

EDIT: Sorry, I was too lazy to quote Stefan's message, but since other people may be also interested in this issue, I've added the entire quote instead of just a link.

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