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Guest Duke_Killersiil

i had realy wierd experience with sound.

one time when i was shipping spice, a sound effect was heard. Only happend about 4 times.

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I have windows XP running on my comp. And I had a lot of sound problems with dos-based games. (I like the old-school games)

But recently I downloaded a program called VDMSound.

This is what is exactly does:

VDMSound is a program that overcomes what has probably been the most exasperating limitation of DOS boxes since Windows NT -- sound support. VDMSound is an open, plug-in oriented platform that emulates an MPU-401 interface (for outputting high-quality MIDI music), a SoundBlaster compatible (SB16, SBPro 2, SB2, SBPro, etc.) implementation (for digital sound effects and FM/AdLib music), as well as a standard game-port interface (for playing games with joystick support). In development are improvements to the existing joystick emulation, and possibly VESA support.

Unlike all the Win9x SoundBlaster ISA 'legacy' drivers available from a variety of PCI soundcard manufacturers, VDMSound is not a mere 'wrapper' or 'bridge' to existing audio hardware. It is a self-contained, 100% software emulation program that is completely independent of your audio hardware type and settings. VDMSound works with any soundcard, and will even work on computers that have no audio hardware at all (for instance, instead of outputting sounds through your soundcard using the standard Windows drivers, VDMSound can easily output them to disk).

Just download the program here

Then install it, and rightclick the "dune.bat" file, and look for the "open with VDMS" option.

If everything is okay, the game should run and you should be able to hear the - beautiful if I might add - dune sounds that increases the gameplay of this classic game by a 200%

Oh, and don't worry about the sound options in the dune installer. Just ignore these options. It doesn't matter what you've selected. The game should run with the soundblaster sounds. (IF you have a soundblaster that is....)

This little program should also work with other old dos games.

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Look over at the Not Enough Memory thread (in the Dune II section) I started. It may help you. Download that boot disk maker program from the link I provided.

I've been playing a lot of old DOS games recently. The problem I had at first was that my sound card was really unknown and no DOS games supported it. I had other problems as well. I got many of them sorted out by doing what I mentioned on that thread (the one mentioned above).

Look at www.soundcard-drivers.com for DOS drivers for your sound card, then use them with that boot disk maker program.

I hope this'll help you.

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