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The new novels actually take place in a different fictional universe called KevinJAndersonBizarroWorld, which resulted when a wormhole exploded out of Kevin's mind and joined the universes of Dune, Star Wars, the X-files and DC Marvel Comics into one great big giant smorgasbord multiverse where anything is possible! ;)

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something else, I think, is non appearing in Herbert's son work. In Heretics is stated, somewhat subtly, that Arrakis' destruction was what the Sisterhood intended. The new novels seems to  ignore this.

It wasn't that subtle; Odrade made it clear after the fact that was the plan. It was a shocking thing to happen, and it's always bothered me that in the final two books (FH's books) no matter what setbacks the Bene Gesserit encountered, it seems that was Odrade's plan all along.

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