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hi,, anyone played this game? its quite amusing and a good way to pass a slow day

but the thing i dont understand is why the game is 5 gig when its too short?

i only played it for 2 hours and am allready in chapter 3  and looking at the

walthrough  the game is only 5 chapters it look almost finished that is less than

8 hours of an a normal adventure game with simple graphics requirements

like a 28 mb gforce series 4  .. what with the 5 gig bites? could it be

the cut seens?  well it has lots of flash backs ,,

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its a new adventure game by House of Tales (i never herd of them before)  with some

simple graphics requirements even that the game looks nice

its about a psychiatric that was assigned to check  on 5 young people who were held in

a hospital in newyork after they found them somewhere in the streets running with guns and they were in a really bad mental condition

so they put them under heavy drug treatment but this guy tries to bring them flash backs

on what happened to them at the same time were he tries to solve his own life which

is not less complicated than the boys case it self ...

because he got drinking problems and a history of violence in his work and his marriage

and his wife  accuse him of an accident that made her nearly blind

he thinks the kids were in some kind of military compound for some reason or experiments

mostly by a drug company that is doing some work for the gov...

some accidents starts to happen to him and the kids but am not through this section still..

but like i said the game size is so huge and i dont see why as i am nearly at the end of it

after only 2 days of playing for few hours ... heh 

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It's a very nice game. Story is alright. Game plays just dandy. It never really amounts to pixel hunting. It's nice to pick up and play once through, but not a keeper. Also, get used to seeing your character bend through his knees slowly to talk to insane people. You'll see it a lot. Also, a bit of gore is involved, though only once or twice.

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