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Dune Editing news


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The Battle For Dune team have released another update, showing a model of a destroyed Harkonnen Gun Turret, two screen shots of a map in progress (1, 2), and some pictures of a bullet cartridge (1, 2).  Don't forget to go to the forums to discuss this upcoming free game.

MrFlibble has released his latest unofficial Dune II patch, version 1.07c.  Here's some of its features:

- A bug that prevented the AI from sending unit groups to attack the player instead of single units has been fixed. Because of this, the AI has become much more powerful.

- A bug that prevented the player from buying ornithopters in the Starport in the last two missions has been fixed.

- Carryalls will now bring repaired units back to the battlefield from the repair facility.

- Various minor errors, bugs and spelling mistakes have also been fixed.

- Multiple sound device selection enabled for US and EU version alike.

- Some building animation frames that have been missing were reinstated.

To discuss or download the patch, visit this thread on the forum.

In other news, there was a recent 'Fed2k meet-up' in London at the weekend, where myself, Edric, and Khan met up, and went round the city for the day.  Hopefully this will be the first of many meetings for Fed2k meetings.  Also, congratulations to Voodoo Daddy for becoming the moderator of the Emperor: Battle for Dune board on the forums

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I was thinking of adding a little more colour to the site, so I was going to post the Battle for Dune logo everytime I do one of their updates, does anyone think the following picture is too large for the front page:


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My ISP blocks keyword "battle" so I can't see the image :P

How about a BfD filename? :P

Oops, seems your linking to battlefordune website, so the filename is fine, just the url I can't see.

The image looks nice (using webproxy).

When you post the image, would it be in the fed2knews board and website? It may be a bit big for that.

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