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Logo Competition and Modding news


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Celebrating 10 years of Fed2k, Mahdi and the other Fed2k Staff members are running a logo competition.  To enter, you have to design a general logo for Fed2k, as well as a special 10 year logo for the site, with a maximum of 3 entries of both types of logo per person, and post it in this thread.  Depending on how many get submitted the staff will cull them to five of each, and then post polls for everyone to choose their favourites.  The winning designs will then become the official FED2k logos and made into new buttons and banners for those of you who want them in your signatures on other forums.  The winners will get, along with the pride of having made the FED2k logo, everlasting fame as well as a custom title on the forums.

In other news, the team working on the free Dune FPS Battle for Dune have released two pictures of a map based on Arrakis, which you can see here and here, as well as a


Some new images have also been released of the Tiberium Wars mod, Dune: Arrakian Wars.  There are some untextured renders of the Harkonnen Flame Turret and the Harkonnen War Turret, and also the finished model of the Harkonnen Inkvine Catapult as well an in-game shot.

Finally, Nyerguds has released version 1.9 of his Dune II Editor which can be downloaded here.  According to Nyerguds, it is bug free, has a colour interface, and it supports the following versions of Dune II:

  • -Demo version
    -English 1.00
    -English 1.07
    -European 1.07
    -European 1.07 HitSquad release

Two screenshots are available here and here.

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