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News on Paul of Dune and the latest two Fed2k Memories


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The cover of Paul of Dune has been revealed, featuring what looks like Paul surveying masses of troops on Arrakis, who are ready to go into frigates.  To view the cover, click here.  The book is available to be pre-ordered on Amazon now, and is currently available in both paperback and hardback.  Here is the synopsis given:

"Here at last is the missing history of Dune, its empire and its ruling family during those twelve action-packed years. It is a story of love and idealism; of ambition and intrigue; of war and reconciliation. Above all, it is the story of how Paul Atreides - a young man who achieved absolute power over a thousand planets when scarcely more than a boy - comes to renounce that empire and seek a new way forward for the people he rules."

Also, the latest two of Mahdi's Fed2k Memories are now available.  The first one talks about Gobalopper's trip to Las Vegas, and the second one talks about the competition to guess when this website would get one million hits.

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