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For those of you lamenting the lack of a new Dune game, fear not, as there are two brilliant mods in production, which replicate Emperor: Battle for Dune, in different games.  First of all, there is Battle for Dune, a total conversion mod for Command and Conquer: Renegade, and essentially converts Emperor into a First-Person Shooter.  Initial screenshots show this mod to be very promising, and some renders of the Ordos buildings show them to be perfect replicas of the Emperor buildings.  If you don't have Renegade, then you can still play the mod, as this will also be released as a free standalone game.  Check out the thread for it here.

Secondly, we have Dune: Arrakian Wars, which is a total conversion mod for Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars.  This game brings Emperor onto a modern 3D engine, but it doesn't stop there, as after adding all the original structures and units, the developers plan to add more of their own unique units, but still keeping in with the Emperor theme.  You can find the thread for this mod here.

Continuing with the RTS theme, EA have recently announced the release of Red Alert 3 (EA have decided to drop the Command and Conquer name from anything but the Tiberium universe), which is to come out at the end of this year.  This may not sound important to the Duniverse, but after Red Alert came Dune 2000, and after Red Alert 2 came Emperor: Battle for Dune, so could we finally see a new Dune game next year?  Only time will tell.

So that's all the news for now, but watch this space, as some interesting information will be on its way shortly.

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Chris Parnell a fan of dune

CHRIS PARNELL: Yeah, the shape of it was there already as far as his social dysfunction and all of that. I just felt like I didn't trust myself to be funny when the cameras were rolling. I have an improv background but I'm not in shape. I don't get on stage regularly and do it any more. I just felt like I needed to do my homework and create as much of this character as I can on paper - both in terms of the lines like the Dune stuff and in terms of the look like the hair and the goofy science t-shirts. The wardrobe department helped come up with all these nutty t-shirts. It helped.

JO: Did the Dune part come from someone?

CP: I actually knew that part because I'm a Dune fan. And then the other stuff, I would just try to come up with lines... Funny lines that I could fall back on or launch off from... I know it helped because I think I would have just floundered otherwise.

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