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Ah, so they finally decided to let me loose on the main page.  To all of you Dune fans out there, Fed2k is back in business.

First of all, for those of you following Mahdi's Fed2k Memories, here are the latest two additions, Dunesday, and Dune Generations.  There will be more Fed2k Memories in the next News post. 

Over at the official Dune website, they have announced the release date for Paul of Dune, the first book of the Heroes of Dune trilogy which takes place between House Corrino and Dune, as well as between Dune and Dune Messiah.  Paul of Dune will be released September of this year, which is earlier than expected, but continues the trend of one Dune book being released every September.

Also, a new unofficial book related to the Duniverse was quietly released in January, which escaped our attention until now.  Science of Dune is a collection of articles that attempt to explain the science in the Duniverse.  The book deals with such topics as Sandworms, Prescience, Tleilaxu eyes, and the planets of Dune, amongst others.  I found this book in a specialist Sci-Fi shop, but your best bet will probably be to buy this book at Amazon, where it is selling for less than

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