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ahhh the sun it burns my house corin


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:) :( :*&( ;( ;) ;D ............................dot dot dot dot ahhhhh i'm typing.

sorry but i just thought of this probly form the lack of sleep its 4:05 Am (thats Areail Meridian to the barron 99 and LOKI)

but would not a lot of freman be blind or vision inpared? and would not them or the viligers have some kind of skin disise???

1. other thing wene the freamn atacked Arakein was it day or night? if it was day maybe the sadukar were getting there buts kicked becuse it was two hot for them?

2. See you guys in a week got to go down to flordia so i can get skin cancer :) don't worry i brought along my sunscreen HP 4000.'

:) :( :*&( ;( ;) ;D

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In the movie when they attacked it was night. Not sure about in the books though. LoL and A.M. is ante meridiem (before noon) but close enough, and you are sleepy so :). As for the blindness, I recall that the only thing that could blind the Fremen was radiation (e.g. atomics), and then they were cast off to die by Shai-Hulud or something.. And for sure genetic mutations (i.e. diseases) occurred over time, maybe they are just not reported - didn't Otheym have a disease of some sort in Dune Messiah?

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Fremen could go blind jsut like any other human.

Jsut becasue you live in a desert doesn't mean that the sun is so bright it will blind you, otherwise a large chunk of the African population would be blind.

Also, Fremen stain the skin beneatht here eyes (like baseball players used to use zinc) and they also travel mostly during the night.

As for it being to hot, at night deserts are as cold as they are hot.

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