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dune Emperor


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lol , are u joking?

do u play dune 2000?

Emperor battle for dune is better than C&C tiberium wars to internet , not to single player.

great graphics , incredible game.

just go to youtube and watch a video of it.

but , try see picture of it , its better than see video ,

emperor is better than dune 2000

i m sure of it.

late mate.

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dune is sucks comparated to emperor battle for dune.

And we play in a same hour u will try figure it out by webpage ra server,

but we sometimes move to HAMACHI server , we could get a 4 x 4 there in 10 seconds connecting.

Emperor rocks ,

Dune no.

leave dune2000 and come to emperor

better graphics and plyable game speed better than C&C . ( in internet )

Note: i dont like emperor battle for dune to single player.

Only to internet.

My msn is : mflavio@brturbo.com

add me and i will chat with u pessoally

i will teach u how find out hamachi tool seen i have created a post about it.


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i am coming to emperor when i get the game buy of ebay winning it at the mo as in highest bidder shabba i added that email to ma msn im stevenrobertson66021@hotmail.co.uk so if it asks you to add its me i swing in trees for fun with a bannana

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