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So my xwis will not work, everytime i download it and try running it i get some weird thing that pops up telling me to try and re installing it, but that doesnt work either, i want to play but dont know what to do, heres what it says, this application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect, Reinstalling the application may fix the problem, anyone have any ideas?!?! plz dont move this guys i need some answers

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Do you have any anti-spyware or anti-virus that has locked your hosts file?

For example "Spybot Search and Destroy" can be set to do this, in which case the XWIS tool could not modify your hosts file.

You might try reading Nunu's post on manually setting your Westwood hosts file.


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I know of that problem.

u may have installed a new version of xwis and it dont run too to me,

i got old version from kingpoker and it was easier to me.

U need get old version of xwis ,

I can send u old version of xwis when u log on in msn.

Dont try use new version of xwis posted of site cuz it dont run nice and give that error.

REPEAT: U NEED OLD VERSION OF XWISC , so ask to someone ,or , log in to msn and i will give u it .

The new version of xwisc dont work for emperor or not in my system opperacional.

ASS: youko

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right mordusxxx... i have met same problem 1-2 times. i am going to try explain for soluition to u. i hope i will do this... u have to have some information for pc and programs... u have to find folder = windows = system32 = drivers = etc = u will find source of problems... open folders via not pad... change  ip's....

if u dont see than u have to change folder option = show hidden folders... now u can find folders that will change... i hope that u understand me  :) :) :D :D :O

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