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Sandworms of Dune *Spoiler*

The Spac

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I grabbed it up and read it 8 hours straight.

I feel like after reading it I can see that outline that Frank wrote. However... Thats all I can see.

It's like you know the original stuff is there and sorta see what Frank wanted to do but it's like there is all this sort of extra stuff there that doesn't really motivate you.

Thats my review.

Anyone else's opinions and feelings after reading it?

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but it's like there is all this sort of extra stuff there that doesn't really motivate you.

I havn't read it, but that sounds like the jihad prequels. A lot of filler that wasn't needed. They probably just needed to fill out the books so they could make 2 of them instead of one.

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I admit that i quit pretty early on (after the sandworms were genetically altered) and ended up reading the synopsis on wiki.  I returned the book the next day.  AS for remarks on this forum for criticizing a book we haven't read...would you say people cant complain about a movie they got up and walked out of because it offended them?  This book definitely offended me.  Until i have read them myself and made my own judgement I no longer believe that there was a set of notes or outline left by frank, at the very least i do not think that KJA used it.  I only fault BH in his choice of sidekick.

If this had been an independently set novel, part of KJA's 7suns, i would simply have thought it a bad novel, my opinion, end of line.  declaring this official canon of the dune works i cannot do and will never accept.  I realize people will enjoy the novels.  the only reason i read them was to see if i could hint out parts of FH's outline.  [hide]After Omnius/Erasmus are revealed to be the old couple, i realized the series had been totally usurped.[/hide]  The other books were fan-boy drivel of the 'bigger gun' philosophy, which sadly took over this book completely.  Frank taught us the attitude of the knife, and we should have listened.

I work in a bookstore and i half-heartedly asked my manager if i could put SoD on the Staff Recommends Table with a Description saying DONT WASTE YOUR TIME.

Edited by Andrew to hide a major spoiler. :)

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