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Boredom, The Beast, Man/Worm Evolution


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Leto II constantly alludes to his own boredom. One can see why, being stuck to babysitting a pathetic and stupid race of creatures that he is slowly losing kinship to, using his transcendental consciousness to play the inversed shepherd. He is bankrupt of any real intellectual pleasure, and truly alone. See, I totally like this idea, and can see why he feels this way as a character. I am curious though because his consciousness is splashing into new dimensional states of being, could the beast itself be more than just his worm-nature? Could it be that he is evolving consciously at such a state that he is totally dissociating himself with the human experiance, becoming meta-sentient, conscious beyond human-conceived consciousness? I don't really get this vibe too much mind you, because when the beast takes over he becomes more animal than sentient man, but do you think if his evolution was to continue, that he would become so alien as to be incommunicable?

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Seems to me he is a funnel, that is constructive, but the final way rather than the usual initial and explosive way. Thus, being final, he ends the travel and yet he must end it in a shape that mirrors a new beginning. So his mood mirrors excitement.

Actually i have never thought the worm as a beast thing, i have always thought it as homeomorphic to  the intestine, that is a mouth to anus function, that makes producing a gem even harder. Leto II can't produce a gem but the most convoluted manner (here i think the worm rings mimic the brain foldings, also a worm moves by folding its body-space). As i understand it Paul made a great mistake by closing a whole space of possibilites, this error can be repaired if Leto II closes Paul's area and reopens the needed space. It didn't matter how Paul's reign ended. Everything was at the start. Symmetrically it does'nt matter how Leto II's reign started because everything is at the end. I don't think Leto II is really more than his father, just he can see the other end, the singularity that matters at his time. Paul fears he can see too far in the future, he fears breath. Leto II fears he can read too far in the past, he fears depth. Finally, just by the virtue of fearing depth, he enlarges the future.

Paul is the story of a young man taking control of a giant worm. Leto II is the story of a giant worm taking control of a young man. Certainly there are multiple layers, when a question is without answer there is a reason why it is so, and the reason is often some other layer is insensitive to the question. It's a hall of mirrors, answer to the survival questions is in consciousness, answer to the consciousness questions is in survival, sometimes neither have the answer and you have to invent your own rock-paper-scissor game.

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