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cannot install anymore


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i got emperor  for  44 euros few days ago , i today  wanted to install it.. and this happened to me

when i placed cd into drive, game says me that i need to put cd1 into drive.  IT WAS CD1 so i dont know what was going on, i tried on second  cd-rom and same problem.. this is so  awful.. i bought  this game  for  damn 44 euros and it not work...  its for me waste of money for orginal game.. so please help me on what to do with this


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how it looks

i bought  orginal emp box with 4 cd's

when i put cd 1 into my drive i can browse  the cd  BUT when i run setup , i get msg "please insert disc into cd-rom" ... installfix not work.  tried compatability mode  stilll not work. when i run  prog to gather  system informations it detect my

pentium 4  3,77ghz

1gb ram

ati radeon x1300 series 256mb

mouse/keyboard standard

windows xp proffesional

hdd 2x80gb


pentium 2 -1462mhz

1022mb ram

ati radeon x1300 series 256mb

mouse keyboard standard

windows 2000 with service pack 2

i tried to burn orginal cd to another cd and replace  setup.exe with installfix and burned that and no effect, same message.  i had before orginal emp too but bmy drive  crushed  cd's  , im not gonna buy  emp third time :/  so help me to install this game with avoiding  setup.exe  as there must be way.

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