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[Dune 2] Conquest map regions

Dark Knight ez

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Hey all.

I was wondering about the regions in Dune 2.

Each regio (to conquer) has its own number and there are 27 in total.

I was just wondering if someone could upload a picture (or try to explain via words) showing how the regions are numbered in Dune 2.

I don't really feel like spending a lot of time playing through Dune 2 to try and find out, when others probably already know.

Thanks in advance.

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You have XCC Mixer? The regions are stored in a Dune 2 SHP in the files. The order they are in in the SHP is the order by which they are numbered. But if you don't or are too lazy to figure this out too, I guess a map with numbered regions already exists, maybe in some documentation... Stefan should know about it.

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I guess you guys are talking about pieces.shp.

Makes sense that way, so I'll try and figure it out.

Odd thing is that pieces.shp has 28 frames instead of 27. Awkward.


Apparently the XCC count of 28 was lieing and there were only 27 region pieces in pieces.shp.

So I worked it out now. Thanks for the helpful feedback, guys.

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There might be a blank first frame in pieces.shp (can't check right now), which is number 0, since counting begins from zero. The first real region frame is then the second one in the SHP, but it's number is 1.

In fact, I had already compiled a Dune 2 map with numbered regions (I looked up in the region?.ini data to confirm that region numbers coincide with the order of regions in pieces.shp), which I needed for my campaign map in the Super Dune 2 Second Edition project, but I can't find it right now. It's been quite a while since I worked on the SD2SE campaign ::)

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