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Shai-Hulud engine, new potention


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If you haven't checked my latest news at http://d2tm.duneii.com . Then first see this picture; which might get you interested. Also think that everything you see. *everything* you see (yes, the icon , the window caption, the mouse, the shadows, the terrain, etc) is modable. And it is open source. Multi-platform. Yay. So far so good.

D2k - The maker anyone? :P


You might think this is not a big deal, but think of this that the engine is capable of running Dune 2, Dune 2000, Dune 2 The maker, and even C&C series. The only thing that stands in the way is time...


The first screenshot is the latest version.

The second screenshot shows it is running 3 mods.

A third screenshot is at d2tm.duneii.com, showing 3 mods at my Mac.



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I must say that trying to support Dune 2000 and C&C Series is quite ambitious.

The foundation of them is the same, but things like (structure placing) animations and environment height maps are available in them, which is quite a step up as I see it.

Good luck with the project; you know I'll be checking the progress from time to time. :)

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I realize that, but you still have to support things like height maps in some way, right? At least, if you want that to make a difference. You could also just forget about height advantages and only show the boundaries between low and high ground with graphic environment tiles.

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Sorry about the double post, but where has the activity gone? This project, and forum shouldnt be allowed to become inactive by its members. I hope to see a working demo(demo 1?) of the new Shai Halud engine before the years end(that would be wonderful) so that i can in a way say "Look, this isn't dead, its metabolism has just slowed".

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not in the near future. I've recently bought a house and got married. I've got a new job since a few months (well, its not really new them heh).

Aside from that, my house is a mess and it will take probably more then half a year to clean it up. Next to that, we both (my wife and I) are half-way through our studies. So any family expansion is an overkill for us.

Meaning, it will probably take 2 years at least before we can start with that project ;-)

By then i hope atleast one demo is out of SH! :D

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I have recently updated my Fundynamic site (.com , http://www.fundynamic.com). I realized that , again , i was rewriting D2TM. Of course, it is for the better. But somehow i have that itchy feeling (no, i can't scratch it ;-) ) that i have to finish the project anyway. Even, considering the shape it is in.

So, i *think* i will finish the D2TM project, polish up code. Release a 'final' version. After that, Shai-Hulud is the next 'big project' i work on.

I just cant stand the fact i did not finish it yet.

(argh, and i even promised myself to redo Dunedit to be MUTCH prettier .... )

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