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if you have problem with game and its running  faster than light and u cant play because its too fast running .... use cpu killer.. 

you can find it anywhere.. useful  for ppl with  processor up to 3ghz and more

cpu killer is  solution as it can slow down eouungh to let u play ur favourite game.. 

it let u run game on virtual processor or something.. but it works and i can play  with it :D

see ya other duners..  its oly for ppl who have  very new computer and cant run dune due to  high-speed.

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Too bad they (Westwood) did not implement something to make their game run at some max speed. It is not that hard to code something like that.

They didn't think that such super-fast computers that we have nowadays would ever come into existence any time soon :) That was quite common back then, to make the game do the best of the currently up-to-date machines, only to become too fast to be compatible with newer and more resourceful ones. Luckily there are always those CPU slowdown programs available, and today the level of general software-machine compatibility is higher.

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