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Emperor On line

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Hello personel , my name is Lucas I am from the Brazil , AND I've just install the server RA well into my computer. we shall place did not I find nobody On Linear. alas is my AND mail : vidosman@hotmail.com myself it adds about to play ^^ see you soon

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Hello Lucas !

I think you are using a web translator. I will keep my answer simple in case you use it to translate back to Brazilian.

RA's server is often empty. It hardly ever has anyone on it.

There are times when it is busy. You need to find those times.

Usually around 9-12pm GMT.

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Also be patient and wait i've seen you logged in a few times but by the time i've shut down  various windows and loaded the game you have left and so missed the oppertunity of a game, also try asking people on MSN to come and play it often entices someone back for a game.

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