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I admitted it...


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Starting over? How depressing :(

I'm 16 and I plan on doing C# / C++ in the near future (it sounds possible to me. I already program in a more basic language and want to move up sometime). I'm a Linux/OSS supporter and I think that contributing to D2TM would kick ass. Will there still be a motivated development team in 2009? Because I'm pretty crappy at programming right now :'(

Also, does anyone in the development team use Linux to help with D2TM? If so, is it any harder?

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Depressing? Heck no, its more motivating since you can do everything 'different', hopefully better!

I develop on Windows and on Mac. Looks like everything i compile at my Mac OS immidiatly seems to compile on Linux. There is someone else who contributes by keeping it compilable on Linux.

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Hello Stefan. Although there's very little I can do to help you right now, I countenance your will to change your project for the better :) I'm sure you'll enjoy using your grown programming knowledge and improved skills while redoing D2TM, and wish you luck. If there's anything more I can do to help, you just tell ;)

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I agree with that. Its a cyclic process, of constant improvement. If that means to scrap the entire source code and restart it, then so be it.

Btw, i have made quite some progress due the fact i could code at work. (i was allowed to, since there where some problems)

And anyone can see the code and try it out.

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Short answer: Yes

Long answer: I started developing this on a mac. Later on Windows. I have somebody else keeping an eye for me to keep it compiiling on Linux (though i could do it myself, i have a linux computer somewhere).

Recently i have been developing on Windows/DevCPP a lot. But, as i have a mac i can grab the source and make it compile there again.

Once it is released, it will be released for: Windows , Mac and Linux at once.

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