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Westwood online disconnected

pr0 dun3r

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mostly in the moment of logging..

sometimes it seems like its logged,  list of servers comes up (with no server), then after pressing "refresh" the message pop up.

thanks for the answer, though this game is dead already.. hoped to play online first time (not first time in multiplayer)



after reading your other posts ive found the reason - im not registered on the server -.- so i have to wait till (or if) registration server will come up..  or not?

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Well on both XWIS and RAs servers, you neednt register as such, just log in with a new set of login details <username> and <password>. There are some restrictions on the password (should not be too weak and must be 8 chars long, I think) but thats all. So long as no one already has your nick, and I dont think they will have, you should be ok.

Also worth noting is that there are only about 3 nicks per serial allowed, so while you state you have the original serial, if you had allowed others to login with 3 or more nicks, you wouldnt be able to login.

Hope that makes sense.

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Yes i have orginal serial, as i said before.. also my pass is 9 characters long (and strong), but still something seems not to work. I'm 100% sure i didnt give my serial to anyone, but is that possible that it was forgotten somehow?

second thing.. how can i check serial im playing on? i've searched all over registry but all i found was location of the game. I'm asking that cause i have also "illegal copy" cutted out of all movies and SIC.. (thats why i bought orginal :P) all instalation there was automatical, without entering serial.. i'm just curious

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Could be the problem. Did you uninstall the old illegal version before installing this one ?

Check here, but I think it is encrypted..


Try uninstalling, then delete all the related reg keys ([HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREWestwood]) it then reinstalling it.

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Interesting. The only way it could be a serial problem, that I can think of, on RA's server...is if there are currently more then 3 nicks assigned to that serial number in its database. So if someone created 3 nicks in the last, what, year and a half since the DB was reset (guesstimate) then it would explain it.

Then the question is who has had your serial in the last year and a half ?  (RA would be better able to tell us exactly when the server DB was reset, although I know it was done at least once after the server went "live").

Just play with your friends serial ? Or use a nick name created with his serial ?

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yes.. i do play on his serial ;)

im 100% sure i did not give it to anyone.. i did not use it for ages.. and last time used was time when i didnt have internet connection..

well.. problem solved anyway ;)

now im hoping that i could connect with friend by hamachi.. dont know if it will work on same serial?

um.. thanks for your time.. ;)


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