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  1. yes.. i do play on his serial ;) im 100% sure i did not give it to anyone.. i did not use it for ages.. and last time used was time when i didnt have internet connection.. well.. problem solved anyway ;) now im hoping that i could connect with friend by hamachi.. dont know if it will work on same serial? um.. thanks for your time.. ;) dun3r
  2. I think it is serial problem.. i've installeted this game on my copy with friend's serial and.. everything went right. Installing his copy on his pc with my serial didnt work, so it must be fault of serial.
  3. nope it isnt the problem its not encrypted and full reinstall didnt work either :(
  4. Yes i have orginal serial, as i said before.. also my pass is 9 characters long (and strong), but still something seems not to work. I'm 100% sure i didnt give my serial to anyone, but is that possible that it was forgotten somehow? second thing.. how can i check serial im playing on? i've searched all over registry but all i found was location of the game. I'm asking that cause i have also "illegal copy" cutted out of all movies and SIC.. (thats why i bought orginal :P) all instalation there was automatical, without entering serial.. i'm just curious
  5. in fact i cant connect to any server.. im just not registered.. second thing is that i cant even connect by VPN (ex. hamachi) i see my friend on.. but we get timed out each time when trying..
  6. mostly in the moment of logging.. sometimes it seems like its logged, list of servers comes up (with no server), then after pressing "refresh" the message pop up. thanks for the answer, though this game is dead already.. hoped to play online first time (not first time in multiplayer) dun3r *EDIT* after reading your other posts ive found the reason - im not registered on the server -.- so i have to wait till (or if) registration server will come up.. or not?
  7. when im trying to connect to XWIS i get this^^ message.. what does it mean/how to solve it? btw ebfd v1.09 bought ages ago.. with orginal serial..
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