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hello, i found a copy of emperor battle for dune from a friend and i saw that it only had disk 1.. since emperor has 4 disks, what are the other disks for? can i install/play even if i only have 1 disk? sorry for the stupid question, its my first time having emperor.  ;D

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There are four discs yes. One install disc and one disc for each of the houses (3). You only need the install disc (the yellow disc, at least in my version) for installing the game. After that you can use any disc (so the install disc too) for playing multiplayer & skirmish (or use a no-cd patch, ofcourse).

However if you want to play the campaigns you will need the house disc for its campaign, as the movies for that campaign are stored on the house disc.

I'm not aware of an Emperor version with only 1 disc. It could be a dvd version of the game, but I have never heard such version exists.

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hey im new i just signed up today. i purchased the game on ebay a couple of years ago, and it was playin fine when i got it. but i lent it to a friend and he lost the install disk, but i have the other 3. Is there anywhere i can get it again? i dont want to have to get it from ebay again. thanks

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I think if you do a search, you will find it can be downloaded. Like maybe a Torrent File. I just don't know the sites. There are some other posts here that touch on that subject, just do a little reading. If you get really stuck, send me a message thru this site.


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