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Company of Heroes

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No emp players playing this game?

It's not nearly as good as our beloved emp.  No other rts semms to be able to match the fast paced, heart pounding action that emp provides, but i just picked it up and I love it.  Best rts since emp I think, and Relic seems to be supporting the game well.  The 1 vs 1 ladder is pretty active and clan support is soon to come.

Hit me up if u playing.  I'm usually on as streetsweeper, pparganssekki, and of course sardcore.

If you wanna, ummmmmmmm, test it out before you buy it, you can play lan games on hamachi if you borrow your buddy's copy.

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not my kind of game, not enough technology involved (like lasertanks and stuff)... I like rts to be more a bit technological and in the future but not too techy (like supreme commander).

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