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Paul of Dune and in between messiah and CoD plots


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Having recently finished Hunters of Dune one of the things that most stuck out to me in the novel were the little side notes that are obviously going to become major parts of the upcoming Paul of Dune and in between messiah and CoD trilogies.

Let's see how many we can name!

Paul of Dune:

Duncan taking little Pauly out into the villages of Caladan to escape an assasination plot.

Second Paul Trilogy:

Fenrings assasination attempt on Paul's life.

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Well they have been consistent since always, adding "more stories in the same world". I'd just pay for Frank's notes, which would be interesting. But Mahdi... you have the beach, jumping dolphins, surf and kangaroos. No need to slap yourself like this, you're not dreaming 8)

Besides, are you going in the Australian desert? Do they sell thumpers for giant Australian worms?

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