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Dune II - The Maker goes Open Source


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Since a few days, D2TM is now officially Open Source. Hosted at Google Code.

Using an SVN client you can download the source; and with the provided document (as well with the SVN downloaded content) at theĀ  site you can get the game compiling yourself. You will be able to see new features then, that has not been released in an official package yet.

If you have programming experience and would like to commit (change) code. You can always send me an e-mail, and ask to become a 'project member'. The only requirement is to have a google account (gmail, for example).

With D2TM being open source, the goals are to:

- make the game compilable on multiple platforms (Linux, Mac OS X, etc) & compilers (MinGW, etc)

- have cleaner code

- fix as many bugs as possible

- make it as moddable as possible

- give it someday networking support

There are also primitive plans to create a 'layer' between the game and the actual technical stuff that is responsible for drawing/sounds/etc. So in theory the game should be able to run on other machines (PSP, for example) than a PC. Nothing concrete here yet, but nothing is impossible.

The project can be found right here. Be sure to check out the Arrakis forum as well.

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