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[Emperor] Modding problems


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I'm having a bit of trouble with a modI'm making Every time I try to start Emperor it comes up with a message say:


Duplicate entry

Line; 634ish

Last Section; ObjectTips

Last entry: [imgeneral]

The strange thing is that there is no other entry. I've been using Inoculator9's tutorials,if that helps

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There does not have to be another entry the line should look as follows:

IMGeneral {Your text in here for the objectstip}

in my mod it looks like:

IMGeneral {Mercenary Commander}

If the } bracket is missing the line will be seen as a duplicate, OR the missing bracket could be on the NEXT line OR the PREVIOUS line and thus cause the error.

My mod has the following three entries for that section of the strings.txt file:

IMADVSardaukar {Corrino Bashar}

IMGeneral {Mercenary Commander}

IMDropShip {Landsraad OrniBomber}

There is as DuneNewt mentioned a second file that you can change objecttip names, the E_Output_Text_Pickup.txt file. If you add a filename into strings.txt that is in the second file again you get an error.

If you are adding new unit names to have objecttips then this should go in the strings.txt file at the end of the objects list before the [END] line and the


RetreatYes {Yes}

RetreatNo {No}


section. Put the new names anywhere else and the naming of camapign units gets screwed up.

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I've been using the E_Output_Text_Pickup.txt file. You're saying that I should be using the Strings.txt file?

Yes - IMGeneral is defined in strings.txt - by adding it to e_output file you created a duplicate entry as your warning explained!

You need look in both files if you are renaming units as they are spread across both files. If you are adding new unit names these go in strings.txt (at the end as explaine din my previous message).

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