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Emperor and wide screen monitors


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Yes, but it will not actually work very well.

Let me tell you a story about a young handsome boy who wanted to play emp with his Desktop resolution, 1280 x 1024. Well, emp didnt support his resolution, so he found where emp stored the settings in the registry and manually entered them there, and it worked !

"Yay" he thought. Then he played, and it worked well...or so he thought. Actually, the icons he tried to click on to build stuff, buildings and units, were slightly off where they should have been, as in the icon detection hadnt updated to his new resolution while the graphics had, so when he tried to click scouts, if he clicked too close to one edge, he would end up clicking normal inf.

Basically, it wasnt worth the effort. So he went back to being a handsome young boy without custom resolutions.

Did I mention he was handsome ?  ;)

Here is the file you need to create and merge to get your custom settings:



Copy and paste that into notepad, change the values, save it with extension ".reg" and then double click it.

You will soon see what happened to me (although if it doesnt, do tell me ! :P

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right now I'm looking up the posts about custom resolutions because maybe I'll by another 20" tft - but this time a widescreen tft. and take my "old" one to work because they won't give me another tft this year and I just can't work with just 1... anyway widescreen is nice, but causes problems with older games because they don't support this resolution  :(

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I suppose you can play it in window mode, thereby playing in normal aspect ratio..

Just means your mouse may well leave the gaming window and click on the Desktop where the game (I believe) pauses.

Very annoying, but then you can get programs to limit mouse movement on the screen (or write one :P), so solving that issue.

Perhaps there is a program out there, and there should be if there isnt one, that allows you to "emulate" another aspect ratio, useful in these situations, where you tell it you want to be playing same resolution but at 4:3 and it fills in the space with black space.

There is an idea for stefan or ra or someone !

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I'm pretty excited about widescreen gaming in fps (because of a much wider fov) but I guess I'll keep my "old" lcd and get just 1 new widescreen lcd for work...

I won't enjoy widescreen gaming then but at least I can make sure I'm still able to play emp on 1600x1200 without any strechting.

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Yes, as mentioned, it can be played in windowed mode, with a -w switch (or -W, note the case).

Just need to get a prggy to bound your mouse to the same size, or you will forever click out of the window and then the game pauses, like you have minimsed, and takes a while to flip back. Its really annoying !

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okay now that I have ordered my stuff I'll have to see...

either it looks not too bad when being strechted (I doubt it) or I will have to figure out a way to play in windowed mode then.

dou you know such a program for the mouse?

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I fixed his comp (or he did it if you ask him :P) and he emailed me this link &  file. Ill not uplaod it as you can download it from the webshite.


hoepfully it will be aware of windowed dimensions and not screen size itself. Depends where it gets it "correct" mesurements from.

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