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Who is Noah Hearle?


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Noah Hearle is the owner of duneii.com (the maker is hosted at a subdomain of this page, in addition to arrakis.dune2k.com) and nahoo.net wich is a nice page with gaming content. It looks like website design and programming is what he is doing at the moment.

Stefan was at least an Arrakis programmer. I do not know if Noah had the status as the Arrakis project leader, but i guess he was some kind of active in the development of Arrakis since he is named on the underdogs. If you're lucky, Noah comes and answer you himself.

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Its very simple. Noah provided web content in the time Arrakis had a different website. (the one with Arrakis2k still being 'developed'). Now d2tm is hosted by a site made by Noah.

Noah did not code a single line in the projects themselves. They are all self-made by yours truly.

Where does it say Noah made the stuff? Is it litterally put out somewhere? Perhaps the reference to "arrakis" was the old arrakis site. Any link might help ? ;)

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