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Dune 1st person.


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hi all

im lost here a little,.

I want to recreate the dune universe for a first person shooter, using all the frank herbert novels and so on,,,

the question is ,,,if anyones can can help answer or direct me to someone who does know it would help heaps....

1.Do i need permision to make the game using all dune refrences and history.????

2.Would anyone play it???

This will be a solo effort,im thinking it would take approx a year to build it, and i really want to port it through the unrealEd3(2007) engine,,but i will port it through the Renegade engine for the mean time, due to the fact it has a harvester and is very similar in Structures and maintaining buildings and soldiers.

poe,ref,infantry,so on en so on.....


Anyfeedback would be good

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Sounds good, but as you said would take time.

In answer to your questions:

1. Yes, and it's hard to get permission.  especially from EA games.

2. Depends wether it's a stand alone or a mod, because I don't have those games.

Not sure but I think you can get around the Copyright law by releasing the game for free.


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hi again,

thanks vidi,,

for sure it will be free.

Its for education and study for myself.

oki, so i will start the project!

I remember bits and pieces from 1984 dune movie, dune was written by a spun out man called Frank Herbert.....thats all i know and after 2 decades, i still have the worms in my mind!

ive played all the dune PC games..


Were do i start???

as this is a free project,

i need you DUNE GURUS to help me rebuild the dune saga. Thats means get me a heap of refrence materials ideas for the story,, wich books are we using,,timeline,,what you guys and girls want to see in the game, the fashion back then,the structures, the houses, are there 6 houses(teams)???

And ofcourse the STRATEGY GAMEPLAY,,,,team work,missions,worms AI, spice...


This is my first time too start a project.

so please be patient...in the next couple of days i will post were the mod or game will be,,so you can see concept and work in progress.i will put a email up just for this project!!soon!

So far its %1 complete,,the idea is there!!!

this is for free,, im willing to spend alot of hours on this,,,as something in me is telling me too and has been for a number of years. so any theory help,,would be very appreciated!

thank you

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,,i never new that that game existed,,,

that is a 3rd person view!

and no way near as technical as im gonna make it, these days the game engines have pretty smart AI.lol

the mod page i will working on is at ModDB...

i called the game for now


it will change,,its just i needed something to say something...lol


and the email is,for any refrences pics or ideas...


all these will be modified over time,,!and made too look the part....!

oki hopefully im organised,see ya all soon,,,i better get back too modelling the harvester,,,anyone got any ideas for the harvester,,im building the one from the movie at the moment...

thanks all



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It is a very good idea to create a first-person view Dune game ;D I've got a question to ask about your project:

Do you wish to follow the original (book) setting, or the movie/Westwood games setting, for these two differ quite a lot technically-wise and story-wise as well?

I think most Dune fans would be more excited to see a game that follows the book itslef, but the Westwood thing is also fine.

Regarding the Harvester from the movie, it was created by quite closely following the book's description. However, the decription in the book is not a detailed one and thus leaves several possibilities of interpretation. Your model is anyway very good ;D

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i really wanted to follow the books,,,and i still do,,

its just i never liked reading ,,,i was chasing girls....lol

oki,,great its close the the books refrence,the harvey still in progress...

"I think most Dune fans would be more excited to see a game that follows the book itslef"

yes if thats what you would like,i can do it it.


1.i dont know all the houses names, and there leaders..

2.if someone can give me some theory on that,,,

3.wich armys should i start of with??

4.technology of the armys



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You *really* need to read the books, especially if you're going to base something off of them. Giving a quick summary of a few areas of interest just doesn't quite cut it, as it's a very complex interrelationship between just about all the information.

I'd suggest going with something a bit easier, such as a loose reference to one of the games or movies that you are familiar with, or even a completely new universe of your own divising, based "loosely" on some of the aspects of the Dune universe.

Beyond the obvious reasoning based on the issues you'll have implementing something you don't know about, most people frankly don't seem to want to play a FPS based strictly on the books, even if it's a free game (I've got some experience in this area ;)).

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yes i gathered that,,,

i was researching the houses in the wikipedia,,,i end up at the guild navigators,lol,and the planet Ix,my god dune universe is big, it just kept going with info,,,

i could base a game just of planet Ix and its superior technologies for example,,,,

now im really lost.....for the moment

your right tez,  i will have to make up parts myself, my own dune universe,,,

but should i start in the begining?? or after when corinas are in power???

because there will be no harkonans around,,,,except for that baron that left atriedes house quitely long time ago???hmmmmmmmm, maybe i can make the harkonan come bak????but this time not as grose!!!

i like the fact theres a sh**t load of planets,,like lots,,,and there more house like 10 or 15??

what i really wanted to do was make a world of dune,,,not that you just blast away and run jump and crawl.....more like you are a house begining etc etc

but thats a huge job,,

so i will make it easy,,,yes,,,i really didnt know how much info there was...

this has not hindered me one bit,,,,i like it,,,,its just decisions, and chioces.....

but i want to keep it as close too the novels as in visual wise !



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I suggest you place the game's story in the time of Heretics of Dune or Chapterhouse: Dune (preferably the first), because it is more likely that the weapon technology of this period can be successfully implemented within a game like Renegade (the Old Imperium had melee weapons mostly, that's not good for an FPS, unless it's a First Person Stabber, LOL ;)). A story loosely based on the plot of Heretcis, and taking place on Arrakis prior to its destruction by the Honored Matres would do, I guess ::)

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i just bought a copy of "the road to dune".

just to give me a little insight the new information the brothers found.

i know thats like going to the deep end, but gotta do it,,,

the heretics of Dune


ok thanks i will look into it


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