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Sword of an Eagle, The rise of the second Roman Empire(PIC HEAVY!)


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Hearts of iron Two is a massivly in depth world war two strategy game set from 1936 on word. You can pick any country and lead it economicly, socially, and military through the second world war.

Italy Will rise into a world power, As I progress through my game, I will continue to write a fan fiction along side it, as well as post screen shots with the fic. Warning, pic heavy.

Sword of an Eagle , Story of the Second Roman Empire


Light shone beautiful into the room, it was mid afternoon in Rome skies were clear of any clouds or foreign troubles.

The Table sat quietly, all of them were nervous, nervous that they could loose their jobs, and maybe even their necks. It was January First 1936, the yearly call to change government policy's and personnel.

The 7 man cabnit consisted of the, Chief of the Air force Gluspeppa Valie, The chief of staff Fransisco Grazoli, Chiefs of Navy, Army, Intelligence, and Foreign minister Ciano were all fidgeting in their seats.

Mussolini's idea of a second Roman Empire was the goal, the means of travel, and the cost were still unknown at this point.

A clatter at the door, and the fascist dictator of Italy strode into the room. He wore his traditional black cap, with the Emblem of Italy sewn upon it, he headed towards the chair at the head of the desk in full military regal. The table stood up

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(Mario Cingo Foreign Minister of the Italian Empire)

Unexpected Opportunities

A most interesting developed began to unfold in the chambers of the Italian government. A opertunity that could prove incredibly costly for the still weakend Empire, or provide intangible gain. A man declaring himself a representive of a Nationalist movement in Spain sat comfortably infront of Ciano. He was small, weasly and lacked any means of intimidation at all. Ciano half expected him to start crying at any momment. This was Jose Loasa, and at this point Ciano had no idea why he should be listening to him.

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No...The Republicans were on the same side as the UK, USSR and France. The Nationalists(Fransico Franco) were supported by Italy and Germany.

Was going to wait till the game was finished, but I think I might write the next chapter up.

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