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Dune is brilliant


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just had to post about this.

After reading many other books since I first read Dune, and now after the Dune phase is over, I appriciate it on so many new levels. It is the first book that opened my eyes to a greater intellectual reality. The concepts projected new realities to me based in reality itself. The struggles of a messiah, the concepts of a flawed messiah, the ideas of the growth of human evolution in a semi-religious setting. The Growth of entirely new cultures based on alien codes and philosophies, the idea of civilizations so advanced in such a transcendant way that technology takes on a a whole new meaning. Understanding the nature of religion in the eyes of politicians and its currupting effect. thoughts on cultural and genetic stagnation, revelations from altered states of consciousness. The thoughts of the subjectivity of God-consciousness. Human developement in stages of manifold generations. Just a few concepts wrapped into one series! and whats even more amazing is that some of Frank Herbert's other novels deal with core abstract concepts just as deep, and yet so easy and entertaining to read. 

I owe a lot to Frank Herbert's writings. It just strikes me as weird that such insights were taken  from a true soft science fiction book. This book truly is the greatest Space Oprah in literature as a whole. A kind of mental theatre that acts over and over in a symphany of pure ecstacy. It just blows me away.

I feel now that I have fully exhausted the insights I have gained from Dune. I will still read it from time to time, but I think it is pretty much done for me as another world to explore. I am now venturing into the classics of literature, right now specifically literature in the post-modern era. But in spite of moving to different kinds of literature, I cant help but think that Dune helped to lead me in that direction. It wasent the main cause, but it was one of a few catalysts.

Just had to share with you guys who post here in the Duniverse boards that Dune has been a blessing, as weird as that sounds.

Just because of my statements above does not mean I wont read Dune ever again. Far from it. It is jsut that I have turned my eye on it like any other book I read now. i have critically judged it, and it is more brilliant now than it ever was for me. Makes me happy.

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Good God! You mean there is a 'Space Oprah'!! Does 'Earth Oprah' know about this? Will they battle like Godzilla and Mecha-Godzilla? Our beautiful blue marble might be destroyed!!

Just kidding!

Seriously... I don't think I'll ever stop getting insights from Dune and Frank's other books. I simply have never read anything like his stuff. It blows me away, and it has changed my life!

Granted, I still have a lot of books to read!

Thanks for sharing, TMA... and glad it makes you happy. It does me too!

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