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Hello Stefan,

Will you make a Linux version of D2TM as well?

I tried running it in wine and cedega, but the mouse freezes in the middle of the screen. It keeps returning there after 1 millisecond.

Does the Allegro package use DirectX?

And, if you at all feel like distributing on Linux, I could make a package for it for Arch Linux's pacman. (http://www.archlinux.org)

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Hi there.. well I just played this version of Dune II and It's very impressive. I was a fan of the original so that helps  ;D: Anyway I'd be happy to help with compiling a Linux version when you decide you want one! I'm sure there'd be a lot of positive responses on the allegro.cc site regarding a port as well! Might as well make a MacOS X version as well  8) I can help with that too!

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