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idea maybe?


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IF so many dislike what BH and KJA are doing with Dune, why not simply ignore their novels? Why even bother reading them only to get disgusted so you can come on here and load the forums up with how much they (allegedly) stink and should stop ruining (allegedly) the Dune universe? Just ignore them, don't read their Dune works. Sounds pretty easy to me! If Dune through Chapterhouse is all that's worthy then that's all you need concern yourself with. Bashing BH and KJA's novels is pointless because 1. you're not impressing anyone with any supposed amazing ability to deduce what is good literature and what is not and 2. you're only preaching to the choir when you bash KJA and BH.

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we talk smack about Brian and Kevin because the books suck, the books are supposedly apart of the Dune universe, and this is a Dune forum.

Why not talk about it?

If JRR Tolkien's son decided to write a novel about the 4th age of arda, you would have people up in arms! thankfully, Christopher only published and compiled stuff from his fathers writings, augmenting them and editing them faithfully so we could all enjoy the notes. He didnt take his fathers notes and try to write six new novels with them.

On top of that, it leads to new discussions on Dune, and frankly Duniverse is running out of things to discuss. So why not just ignore those who complain (rightfully) about the prequels?

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How am I supposed to know what the books are like without reading them?

I read the house series, liked that, read 2/3 jihad books didn't like them. So what?

After I read them, then I can form an opinion of them. And if I think they suck, then I think they suck. If someone else reads them and think they are great, then they think they are great.

If someone asks what our opinion of the books are, we will give our opinion, whether it is good or bad.

At times it may seem like people are bashing them (and they quite possibly are), others time we are just basing our opinion on what we thought of the novels after we read them.

Enough with the "stop bashing BH+KJA books" threads/posts.

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Did someone delete my previous post? Or did I just forget to post it? I'd appreciate some indication if the former.

Edit: In case of the latter, I was just agreeing with this:

Enough with the "stop bashing BH+KJA books" threads/posts.

And accompanying that with a pirhana-related metaphor. That's not delete-worthy is it?

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I deleted it.

I thought it only seemed to serve as bait for someone to bite and argue about how it's not like slicing your wrists and jumping into a piranha tank.

I had nothing wrong with you agreeing with what I said, just the way you put it which seemed offtopic.

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