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House Corrino Discrepancy


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They would've had to read 2 paragraphs of the original Dune to fix this.

Oh well I still like the book, even though I don't understand how the female can determine the sex of a child since it's the male who contributes the Y chromosome to the embryo.....

That's from the original book too.

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Shaddam that could be what happened they did not read the original Dune before making sure that the prequel was in accordance with what Frank Herbert wrote.

Also what you said about the sex of the child is true not because of what the book said but because of nature itself. Oh and remember these Bene Gesserits are 'witches' of a sort so trickery is present.

Mahdi has pointed this out several times (discrepanies) about the content of the writers prequel novels

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I'd like to point out that with every insemination there are millions of the little guys headed towards the egg. A Bene Gesserit is fully aware of every element in her body down to the molecular level, and can control it. It would be a simple thing to allow only a sperm with an XY configuration to penetrate the egg.  ;D

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