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connection issues on ra server


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I dunno wuts going on, i was online with 3 other guys today, we couldnt get a game going, always handshake failed.

But they tryed a game by themselves and got it going without me.

Wierd thing is that ive been playing without problems for some time.

I have windows xp firewall on, but its allowing emp and ive been playing with it enabled all the time. Then i tried to play when its turned off, still didnt work.

I have a router, but my computer is a DMZ host enabled and as i mentioned b4, ive been playing without problems for quite some time.

Maybe there is some ports i oughta open ? i dunno and im out of ideas.

And i dont have 56k, i got dsl 1mbit

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Does it happen mostly after a crash ? When @I dont load, and there is a "ghost" of mine ont he server, I have had that, and I think it happens whent he server sends your info to the ghost, and not you.

Possible solution, log in after a crash (non loading game) and log out again, this clears the ghost, then log in and play !

Use empbot to speed up the loging in and out.

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