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Whedon Hitchhikes Past Dune


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New Scientist Space, an E-zine, collected 4620 votes after asking their readers what was the best sci-fi product ever of any type (book, TV, movie, etc).

The results are surprisingly atypical.

Taking the top two positions were Firefly and it's spin-off flick Serenity (which if you haven't seen already GO SEE NOW! It's already in the discount theaters so you're getting a hell of a bang for your buck).

Dune was seventh overall with 140 votes, and the number two book. Here's what the editors had to say about Herbert's masterpiece:

Seventh place goes to Frank Herbert's epic novel Dune. Originally published in 1965, Dune was the first novel to win a Nebula award, one of Sci-Fi's top prizes. It also picked up a Hugo award in 1966, the second jewel in modern science fiction writing crowns. Praised for its meticulous depiction of the politics, religion and culture in a far away and troubled universe, Dune has become one of the widest read sci-fi sagas of all time. Herbert went on to write five more novels in the Dune chronicles. And when he died in 1986, Herbert's son Brian picked up the plot and kept them coming. Sometimes referred to as the Lord of the Rings of science fiction, Dune has been made as a film and TV series.

The number one book (and fourth place overall) was The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy, which defeated our famed entry by only 31 votes.

For the rest of the list click here.

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