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Eyes of the Ibad


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That's right, they're back! Just in time for Halloween too, what a concidence!

Don't worry, they're only ninty-nine point nine-nine solaris each (American). 

Also, it is true, universal studios has had the new Dune DVD available for pre-order since the sixth.  I did not bring this up earlier because, well, I'll believe that january 31st date when I see the set in the Best Buy across the street.  This DVD set has been announced, cancelled, re-started, postponed, and at one completely scrapped in preference of using Dune as one of the HD-DVD flagship titles that I have a hard time believing that this is the final word on the release date.

My advice?  Wait until a closer date before pre-ordering it.  I'd hate to see it get cancelled for the, what, fourth time after you've already bought it.

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