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DuneCommand preview movie


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Some of you might remember that I released a Demo for the Dune mod that I am making for Battlezone 2. Well, if you don't own Battlezone2, never heard of it, or just not have it installed, I can give you a preview here:


Its 30.5 MB and encoded using DivX5. So you might need to get that codec. www.divx.com

DuneCommand is a Battlezone 2 mod bringing the Dune feel to the most successfull FPS-RTS hybrid game. It is a multiplayer campaign, meaning you can play it all by yourself or your friends can join and help you beat it. One of the great features of Battlezone is the ability to switch from RTS (godview) to FPS (first person view) and still be able to build your base all the while shooting down enemy troops. But be carefull, the Sandworms are out there :)

Full release of the mod will be available before Xmas 2005.

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well, I got a cheap hardware encoder (DVD express by ADS tech), basically a VHS to DVD converter and installed it on my fast PC. On the slow pc I scripted the mission you see and played it, all the while the fast pc captured the screen and audio (which I mostly muted). Then I used Ulead VideoStudio 7 to add the titles and vitualDub to crop and sharpen the image a bit and encode as DivX.

The hardware was about 90$ CAN and VirtualDub is free. I am sure there are better systems out there, but I wanted to invest less then 100$ and am kinda ok with what I created.

The original plan was to enhance the movie by adding stuff in 3DS max and I did actually start working on it. But since it is only a by-product and not really belongs to the game I wanted to create, I figured my time is better invested working on the game. (It is actually very close to being done. I have been beta testing for over 17 month now and am quite happy with the outcome.)

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Shoudldn't the site host a server of this game? I mean if it's possible.

Another thing: I'm quite obsessed with RPGs so... is it possible to create this big map where we can log on to and chat while having 3D models. Should be nice.

By the way, have you played Mount&Blade? Try searching for it... it has superb sword and bow and mounted fighting. Trust me. And it enables you to create your own face. To a point. I mean the skull upon the faces are created is clearly of turk origin.  ;D This could be implemented in your MOD to create a unique character.

I know I'm just dreaming. It surely is complex enough as it is.

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The game doesn't require a server. You can either host or join games with your copy of Battlezone2: DuneCommand.

Creating a RPG map just for chatting is as simple as loading the first (tutorial) mission, whether from the demo or from the soon released gold version and have people join you to chat. It is certainly not what I had in mind but you could use it for that :)

Creating a unique character was never a requirement for my mod. Thus it is not implemented :) However, most of the time you are travelling in some sort of vehicle and not on foot, even though you there are times when you have to be on foot to accomplish the next mission goal.

If you would put some effort into it, creating unique characters are not that hard. It just was never something I wanted to implement.

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