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Submissions for the FED2k Dune Playlist


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All right folks, you are making a playlist of songs that in someway you feel connect with Dune.  What would they be, and why do you feel they are Duneish?

Original songs created by yourself or your band are more than welcome.

To start off the list:

Smashing Pumpkins:  Bullets with Butterfly Wings

Despite all my rage I'm still jsut a rat in a cage, the world is a vampire, Jesus was an only son... need I say more?

Three doors down:  Kryptonite

First time I heard the song I could not help but imagine it playing as Paul walks through the caverns of Sietch Tabr slowly going blind....

Ultimately I'd like to compile this all together as part of a release party for Lynch's Dune.

Even if you don't like the flick, there's not a whole lot to get excited about in the Duniverse these days.

People starting to wonder if this sounds like another Dunesday, well, that's up to you.  If ya'll contribute art, songs, e-mail interviews with people in the duniverse, arrange chats, submti prizes for contests, etc it's entirely possible.  But this time it will be up to you guys to get most of the stuff done. 

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Not sur eon specifics, as I havn't listened to any Dune music in a while, But hopefully someone can come up with good songs from the Dune games and movie/miniseries.

I don't mean songs just from soundtrakcs, I mean songs that for whatever reason connect to Dune for you.  Have a Duneish feeling.  Neither of the two songs I posted are in any dune soundtrack.

Have you ever heard a particular song and thought "Wow, that would fit so well over that ___ scene".

Or read a section of Dune and a particular song popped in your head?

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My favourite metal band : The Kovenant has made a cd with a lot of Dune influences.

Some tracks are completely dedicated to Dune, I will list one with the lyrics.

This track is called the sulphur feast from the cd Nexus Polaris

Thirsting, waiting... I drank a sulphur feast.

Then, silently... In an instant.

Your flesh become me and I was forlorn.

My grave rose to the west...

For centuries long forgotten,

Relentless as the hungry gates of dawn.

And there, amidst the rubble...

Of stones and earthly flesh,

I laughed and served a sulphur feast.

And still it haunts me...

Drunk, with power...

I striked at the sun,

Engulfed, fiery instant

Gobbling, gobbling...

I devoured the stars,

My universe torn asunder.

Then, as dusk unraveled

The brittle of my bones,

A shredded mold of obelisks grotesque.

I stive beneath the essence...

Derived from mortal men,

Caught between two parallels of death.

Thirsting, waiting, I sailed a sulphur sea,

Of putrid furious flesh - a parody of feasting fools...

Where prophets and madmen walk hand in hand.

Bringer of the sixth sun from the same cd is also dedicated to Dune.

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There are many bands that have created dune-related songs, even Iron maiden I think.

That is exactly what I have been trying to think of! I remember them having a song based on Dune.


From Wiki

Also on the Piece of Mind album, renowned author Frank Herbert came into conflict with the band when they wanted to record a song named after the book Dune. Not only did Herbert refuse to allow the song to be called "Dune", he also refused to allow a spoken quotation from the book to appear as the track's intro. Bass player Steve Harris' polite request was met with a stern reply from the agent: "No. Because Frank Herbert doesn't like rock bands, particularly heavy rock bands, and especially rock bands like Iron Maiden". This statement was backed up with a legal threat, and eventually the song was renamed To Tame A Land and released in 1983.
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