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Umma Kynes

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Why is it that:

1. Atreides were colored green and black (and occasionaly called Red)in the book, yet in the Dune 2000 game they were blue?

2. Harkonnen were colored blue in the book, yet in the game they were red?

3. Corrino were colored grey (and yellow, I'm not sure) in the book, yet in the game (if the Emperor was Corrino, of course) he was purple?

Answers to these questions would be appericeated.  ;D

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Colour association. For the books, these are meant to be real people and so their choice of colouring will not be related to simple concepts like good and evil.

The games, on the other hand, like to be more obvious. Blue could be for a calmer notion, or to represent the water of Caladan. Blue can represent a stillness, or tranquility, in that it's a cold colour. Given to the Atreides in order to spread the notion that these are the good guys, the ones that will think first and take the best course of action.

Red is the colour of blood, so you generally see it splashed all over the place when someone is supposed to be identified as evil. Especially with black. And what colour are the Harkonnen units? Well well well. Red is a hot colour, and represents all sorts of things, from passion, to fire, to danger, action... All of these things are... 'spikier' than the more tranquil blue. Given to the Harkonnen to lend the impression of harsh, thuggish violence.

Corrino is even easier. Purple has since the roman era been associated with luxury and wealth (all due to a dye found in a species of mollusc... ahem). It's only natural to give it to an Emperor.

So the games are just going for simple association of colour with concepts, while the books pay more attention to details of heraldry and the like.

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Primary colours of light, but not the sole primary colours. Also the primary colours (whether red blue green or red blue yellow) are much bolder than other mixes, so they stand out better. This is good for gaming purposes. The only reason I didn't deal with green is because it wasn't asked about.

Considering the Ordos weren't in the books, that makes sense...

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