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Emperor: Harvesting and Carryalls (both are a pain in the a**!

Winter Dragon

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1) I need to know how to make harvesters collect spice more slowly.

2) I only want carryalls to pick up a harvester if it's full or you order your harvester to return to the refinery. Unfortunately there is no "return" button for harvesters to request pickup like in dune 2... so I don't know how to best solve my modding issues.

3) I can't remove scouts from the game. It crashes when I remove them from the declaration and infantry sections. However, I can rem out the 'house =' and 'primarybuilding' comments to make them disappear from the build menu, but in doing so two empty spaces appear on the first row of build icons in the infantry tab.

Without Scouts being buildable:

x x 1 //two empty spaces appear before the first infantry unit.

2 3 4

5 x x //future units appear here as normal

x x x

Should be like this:

1 2 3

4 5 x //future units appear here as normal

x x x

x x x

Anyone know how to fix it so that the first buildable infantry unit appears in the first icon slot?

That's all for now, cheers.

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1) Alter the line :


SpiceValue = 200

to a lower value, this means that more spice  "grains" will need to be collected and so slow down the harv.

If you want to slow the harv down eveb further:

//Generic Units


Score = 2

StormDamage=10 //only damages is never picked up

UnloadRate = 2

Change the unloadrate = 1 this then means the unloading at the refinery will take twice as long.

2) DuneNewt tried changing in [General]:

MinCarryTileDist=10 //carryall pickup harv

to 12 or more. This he said stopped the carryall picking up the harv as much when it needed to move an inch or so...

3)EITHER Keep the scouts defintion name [ATScout] but change the unit, capability and then the artini xbf. The name is checked by the AI and by some campaign maps (not always) hence if you wish to have a mod that plays in Campaign mode you can change very few of the defined names, though you can completely change what the unit is. (except for superweapons, they must stay a superweapon or not be used).

3) OR The other way is to remove the artini icon info down to just Loadonly... line and the unit xbf so that the software knows there is no buildable unit to hold a place for (as you have now,) just an incidental unit.

Hope this helps

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Yes, thankyou!

1) Still kinda naff but it's better than it was. The carryall jitters a lot, I wish it'd just fly in a circle instead of constantly hover over the harvester. If there's anway to improve it further I'd like to but it's good enough for now.

2+3) Solved. I removed all lines in the scout entrys except the XAF refence and added the 'loadflagonlypreplaced' commamd underneath. Now I have to go do this to all the other units and structures I don't want. :)

I have another three I'd like to solve if possible:

4) Spice capacities don't seem to be working for me. I removed the '//' from "SpiceCapcity =" on Refinerys and set a capacity of 2000 credits, but there's no indication that this limit is in effect. With one refinery built I've raked in 6000 credits and there's no sign of the limit being reached.

5) I replaced the model "G_Harvester" with "In_Sandcrawler". It appears when built and I can select it and give it orders, ...it just doesn't move anywhere. This leads me to believe that it's a static prop only, like a structure. Very disappointing if that be the case.

6) Skirmishes. I'd like to alter the min/max starting credits, the default sub-houses for myself and AI (I want them to be NONE, NONE by default instead of pre-selected) Can it be done?

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