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Very first screenshot of D2TM global mode


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Ok, i have worked my code-ass-off today. And i am even a bit ill....

anyways. What is changed:

- basicly you have intro->menu->select house working procedure

phew, finally some linear stuff in the game

also added/changed:

- 27 instances of a 128x128 map is running in the game. No significance slow downs yet. Hence, nothing happens yet. For now randomly generated terrains.

- max units in game = 2000, structures 1000. Particles, 2000, bullets, 1500. (NOTE: All at max at one instance of a time. I cant imagine that at one time all of these are filled up...)

NOTE: You might think thats little, it took me hours to get the engine 'used' to the fact that it should now handle its variables differently.

NOTE 2: The picture shown uses placeholders. So don't worry. It won't look this odd in the future. I just grab some gfx around and make something that 'looks mediocre' to make sure i have something to imagine.

NOTE 3: you see the V0.04 roadmap idea being implemented ;)

[attachment archived by Gobalopper]

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It reminds me of the Mentat menu I designed for Dune Legacy once. Only I don't actually know if they've implemented it... ???

I hope in the future you will ornate the global mode with colourful clickable buttons, Mentat image and other cool stuff ;D

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