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Heretics : What was the sense of writing the "Atreides Script"?


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I thought it was explained in the book, possibly to Waff by the bene gesserit.

It definitely had something to do with getting the tleilaxu to read and believe in it. Havn't read book in a couple of years.

It was called "The Atreides Manifesto"

Near first of book:

"I propose to spread these words far and wide," Waff said.
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The problem is that in the book is that Bene Gesserit say:

"The manifesto has to be spread"

And Waff and Tleilax say:

"This manifesto is an advantage for us"

But both of them don't say WHY has to be spread and why is an advantage.

The only thing we're able to know is from the Taraza-Waff dialogue, in which Taraza says that Bene Genessit have written the manifesto by themselves.

But even in this occasion Taraza doesn't explain why, nor Waff seems to understand why (or pheraps Frank forgot to write the Waff considerations being routined to hide everyhing :D)

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just a thought:

bene gesserit have plans within plans always,

maybe they have concidered to make the tleilaxu alies, they know about there involvement with LetoII (duncans) and they have a atreides (Odrade) by creating the manifesto they can let the tleilaxu subtely move there way and ask for an alliance but the tleilaxu would think the idea came from them.

remember odrade was atreides and may have looked into the future where she saw the scattered masters come back to the tleilaxu

BG wanted that info and they always had plenty of time so... manifsto- allaince total sharing of info and bingo

just some thoughts though hope it makes sence

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