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Guys i have a problem. i tried 2 reinstal Emperor Battle for dune.

When i put the CD in it starts and then u get the main screen with


Explore CD


and if u press @ instal u get the next screen and then it shut down Dune again.

Does some one else have this problem ?

or do i do something wrong ?

Plz help me :)

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I think a lot of problems with Emp related back to video drivers and such.  I'd check and make sure you have the latest drivers for your card.  When you played Emp before on that pc, did you have a different video card?

I know when I used to have an older vid card, Emp would take over an hour to install.  I don't know why but it seemed that the video card or driver really slowed down the install process.  If you have another 3d card, I'd try swapping it and see if that makes a different.

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Does it get oast the point where it asks you where you want to install your game, and what options ?

I am asking as I want to rule out any issues you might have with the location you are installing it to, maybe out of space ? Maybe file access permissions...

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Does your CD have any scratches ? There are utilities to check for damage. Try copying the whole CD to hard drive. See if you can install it from there. Probably not a graphics issue. Sounds like something else. I'll see if I can get my install CD and see how it installs, maybe I can see what its supposed to be doing...

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i tried 2 put it on my hard drive , but i think its the problem of my pc

coz on the pc downstairs we have no problem 2 instal it.

is it the problem that i try 2 instal it on a DVC rom driver instead of a CD rom driver ?

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You mean a DVD Drive ? That should work fine.

If your computers are networked then you should be able to share the CD/DVD drive from that computer and install it over the network, if the computer has a problem installing from the drives in the computer.

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