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  1. snoob


    i tried 2 put it on my hard drive , but i think its the problem of my pc coz on the pc downstairs we have no problem 2 instal it. is it the problem that i try 2 instal it on a DVC rom driver instead of a CD rom driver ?
  2. snoob


    well i put in the CD then it load a cople of secs then u get the screen INSTAL EXPLORE CD QUIT i press instal and it pop up and it disepear in les that 2 secs
  3. snoob


    i tried the instal patch but it aint working :(
  4. snoob


    well before i had a GeForce 2 so i dont think i must go back in time or is what i am saying making no sence ?
  5. snoob


    well :P i am using Windows XP My video card is radeaon 9800 Pro 512 MB ram memory. i've played it before on this PC but now its just aint coming up:(
  6. snoob


    Guys i have a problem. i tried 2 reinstal Emperor Battle for dune. When i put the CD in it starts and then u get the main screen with instal Explore CD Quit and if u press @ instal u get the next screen and then it shut down Dune again. Does some one else have this problem ? or do i do something wrong ? Plz help me :)
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