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Hardcoded Superweapons


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Hardcoded in what way?

Possibly - I switched the ORChaos Weapon to House = ATR (my Ix side) but left the ATHAwk in place in the rules (but disabled From line) even so when the Ix Chaos weapon charged the voice spoke re Hawk strike (should have picked up Chaos line if voices triggered usual way)...BUT it did work and fired Chaos weapon from ATPalace...

I then tried replacing ATHawk line in Rules with another unit and BANG! EBFD crashed. So each weapon must keep exactly the same line number in the Rules text.

I have though switched all Superweapons (keeping same Rules position) to a newly defined incidental Building, and have moved the HKPalace/ORPalace = TRUE statements to the new building and then redefined the FromBuilding in the SuperWeapon listing.

I have not tried adding an extra Superweapon though..

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I gave my Ordos side (Corrino) a missile, which was basically a Death Hand with no radiation and more explosives but depending on how I code it one of two things happen:

One: When it charges up and I target something with it, nothing happens.


Two: It crashes whcen I go to fire it.

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