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Update for coming ALPHA (B......)


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I have something to show. As the coming alpha (version B, you guess the NAME for it ;)) will have some new stuff in it. Although it will not be a new gameplay experience, it is vital for its progress.

To begin a game, i need to know in what mode we're in, so is it DUNE 2 or D2TM. There it begins, choose your 'conquest' (story) at the start. See choosegame.png for that. Now when you select one, you should choose your house to play with and then get on with it. Ofcourse, this is an ALPHA , there is no logical structure in it yet. Its huge and i need to have things on paper actually.

Anyways, i have regions drawing working. Quite cool. I can have any house i want on that map. The regions are just for show, so they are drawn in a house color, but they are not 'owned'. However, in D2TM this is also different, but i wont work on this yet...

The new ALPHA should be able to load a mission from the region map, click on any region to load it, for that house as in the DUNE 2 story. It would mean i have to code in the dune 2 story into this game.  See it as a visualisation of the 'single mission' mode of the DEMO of d2tm at my site (0.92).

How i go from there is not clear to me yet, a lot has to be worked on. And i need to organize myself before i continue.

Enjoy the shots!

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