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Can't install Emperor


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Getting Online Guide.

Towards the bottom, it mentions the Install fix (or is it towards the top ?)

It can also be found directly by looking in the downloads section on the main fed2k webpage.

I think that will help, but its always nice to see a DXDAIG attachment, just so we can all drool  :P

I have the same problems on my computers, and it always sorts it out. Need to reinstall, but it works...

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Hi all!

I have an issue with the installation aswell.

I have the images of the CDs, which are mounted onto a virtual drive. It's worked with many games before, but not with this one. If I run the Autorun.exe, and the install disc is mounted, it says: Please Insert Disc 1.

Running setup.exe isn't better either. Before the westwood patch it asked me to replace the disk and insert the original one. Now it only tells me to insert disc 1. I've tried a lots of things, but I was wondering if you guys could help me out?

Oh yes I'm using windows XP and dameon tools.

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Did you install it from the virtual disks ? Or did you install from real disks and then use virtual to play ?

Have you tried the NoCD Patch ? I am shure all the game options (extra music and cutscenes) will be there.

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I installed it from virtual disks.

I've found out what the problem was though. The CD had to be named EMPEROR1, EMPEROR2, EMPERORX..

If your using something like D-tools and load every cd image for the game it should run fine without asking for cd's. As in...set number of devices to load 4 virtual drives, then mount each cd iso. Well, thats how each iso would be if it's all 4 iso's made from the Legal bought game.

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