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Eye of teh hawk lol!


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Hiya. I am currently writing some sort of fanfiction. Actually, it's a LiveJournal. The LiveJournal of Paul Atreides if he was exceptionally stupid. I am going through the whole book, writing it out scene by scene.

DISCLAIMER: This is not for those who see Dune as something holy, since this would be the purest form of blasphemy to them. I love Dune, the universe, etc. And this is just for laughs.

Check out EYE OF TEH HAWK (filter) here: http://www.livejournal.com/users/mr_atreides/

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No offence but can you stop the annoying spelling ?  >:(

There is no fun in writing comedy if you cant understand what you are saying.

Every 12 yr old can type and read 1337 5p34k but after 12 people often realize that its childish and annoying.

I read through the first posts, which were quite good but after that I started to get some severe head trauma due to the annoying charactars  ???  ???  ???

So, please continue with less of these unreadable phrases and focus a bit more on the jokes.


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